Of Things of Clay

by Tre Burt

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released June 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Tre Burt Sacramento, California

Instagram @ treburt

cross-country tour October 2017

New album coming soon

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Track Name: Into the Distance, Straight Out the Air
I should really wait for a cloudy day
to work on this song but I just couldn't wait
so here's what I'm thinkin', hopin' and schemin',
a common man's thoughts and a common man's fever

Don't want any opinions from anyone around here
not from my country, not from my sphere
I'm always talkin' questions like it's easier to speak-
more proper for the livin', more fitting for the meek

Go and ask where I'm from and I'll point over there;
Into the distance, straight out of the air
you've seen it before, in and outdoors
but you wan't specifics, well all I got is metaphor ;

"It looks just like the sun, it looks just like you"
yeah, some of my vision is from Kevin Drew
"It looks just like the sun and it looks just like you"-
a song from my homeland, no coo coo ca choo

I'm stepping over bodies with an acrobat in mind
the bodies of my fathers who've tripped hidden vines
if you go real slow, you could probably smell
the befriending poison from the great flower bell

When the moon shadows the day
and the sun breaches night
you'll ask me why they're touchin', you won't think it right
but thankfully for me, it'll make you go blind
should'a just let the sky do what the sky does in time
Track Name: Tre burt - Scare's Crow
Someone's dreamin' but I can't say who
even if I could, I'd surely not tell you 'cos you'd probably
wake 'em up in some obnoxious way

Partially attentive is how I'd like to be
one ear in reality, the other that has drifted off
to somewhere you can't see

Scarecrow, I was watchin' you from my window-
you look just like me, except you were made from a spindle
crucified for your farmers crops
keepin' the black crows away, keeping the evil at bay

Oh, smacked on the wrist but I won't think twice
I'll grab for the fruit, thought I know that I might
prick my finger
Track Name: Talkin' Bout Collision
Everyone's leaving without me, everyone that I know
Is waving goodbye from car windows, while I'm standing out in the cold
the snow is knee-high and thick and the road is riddled with holes
but if I surrender to the wrath of September, I'll never find mercy in June

I will beg your pardon if I beg at all
correct me if I'm wrong but don't I belong?
belong on the ship that's bleeding toward the shore
splattering the houses some and staining your floors-
I'm sorry about your door

Talkin' bout collision, what a grimace thing to do
so why do I keep thinkin' about running into you?
maybe in this world, maybe in the next
well I wanna know so bad but the mystic I respect

Lately I've been into confessions--lately I've been into you
call it whatever, go ahead and be clever
but tell me how it is for you
tell me how it feels like a trap-
how it doesn't leg go but you got something back
I often remember our time in November
I wonder, wonder don't you?

I know I never said, but this is how I feel,
like a yellow thread on your spinning wheel
I don't care which row you tie me in,
put me in your inner sleeve, sew me to your skin
now I'm chasing shootin' stars-- I think that you are
the only good reason they'd ever come here,
I think that, my dear,
I should put my pickled heart safe inside your mason jar
treat it like a mantle piece and leave it as it be

Yeah, i'm in a basket of a great balloon
Yeah, riding winds in a world of you
I'm in a basket of a great balloon riding winds in a world of you
look what you've done, you got me lookin' for you
Track Name: The Going and the Gone
I've been trying to learn about the feeling of being confused
I've hurt my head so many times just thinking on what I should do
I've counted the choices but the voices in the back of my head
want to argue instead
how many times will I find that my mind has betrayed me,
my thoughts will persuade me

To do as they wish--
I have no say in this
I just sit back and watch it all burn
so why, oh why after all this time
do I still have yet to learn?

Forget everything you've been taught, by now you'll be feeling distraught
empty you'r head and the time that has fled will come crawling back to you, lookin' all sparkly and new
and you'll bask in the glory you're in
It's a story you've started and you can't see the end
don't get discouraged by this, It'll break all your bones
but that's about it

So don't do what you've done all along,
that's how you got it all wrong
burning your bridges and breaking your bonds
is the difference between the going and the gone